Evening Stroll



Hello Beauties,

today’s look is one of my favourites at the time to keep me warm when I spontaneously decide to go for a walk after learning or on Sundays. I just love to go for a long walk. You can be surrounded by nature, simply let your thoughts run free and enjoy relaxing in the fresh air.

About Sunsets And Faux Fur Vests

As the weather in Munich is pretty cold in the evenings these days, I am wearing a ZARA faux fur vest on top of my leather jacket and my black leather biker boots. I tried to lighten up the look by picking white pants. Further a blue-white lined top, the creme-white scarf and my beloved white Michael Kors watch. To catch the last sunbeams, we don’t forget our sunglasses, of course ;)

‘In every walk with nature one recieves far more than he seeks.’ John Muir

Akira | Biker Boots, Michael Kors | Watch, ZARA | Nappa Leather Jacket, Fake Fur Vest, Scarf, HM | Top, Jeans, Sunglasses

April 2014

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