And there it is! My look of the Blogger Bazaar 2014 in Munich. I combined a loose vest with a neon crop top, jeans and my glittering statement necklace. But the key piece to this outfit is definitely the

Floral Wreath

that I twined myself at the bazaar. Funnily, the colours of the flowers were matching perfectly to my top. I love flowers very much and was totally happy with the beautiful idea of Miflora to provide their flowers for the visitors of the Blogger Bazaar so that they could twine floral wreaths for themselves.

I hope I could inspire you ladies a little bit for your next outfit!

Flowerpower and Love,

‚When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead.‘Ernest Hemingway

Miflora: Flowers | Graceland: Slipper | Zara: Vest, Crop Top, Necklace | Mango: Jeans

July 2014

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